What we believe

2 decades ago product manager was considered as a role that decided the color of a detergent box. Product Management (PM) as a function too had a similar perception.

With the accelerated transition into a computing / software powered economy as demonstrated by Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Uber, Salesforce, Tesla etc, it is clear that PM has grown in stature.

Have evolved experientially since the dot com days into a body of knowledge that operates at the intersection of design, tech and business to deliver value.

Infact, great Product Managers are helping their companies realize this value with 0% authority and 100% responsibility.

Close your eyes and think about few products you aspire to have. I am sure Apple’s product is one of them. While there are millions and millions of products that offer the same benefit, you were able to top of the mind recall only a few.

Why are a few products able to gain the affection and love of customers while other are unable to ? Irrespective of the nature of product, people love and affections rests with things that have special ingredients.

user centered design, lean engineering and business empowerment is the secret cocktail to build great enterprise products. When combined with empathy it becomes a well cooked recipe that is presented aesthetically. The Holy Grail.

A lot of firms know this truth. unfortunately, they are challenged by grasp, skills, persistency and resources in the path. Delighting customers and establishing memorability Is a long arduous task. In fact, it’s a delicate problem to unweave.

Great Product Leadership that is conscious of the challenges and is present to the context is important to achieve success. Our effort with this index tool “Product Success Index” is to get balance right sustainably.

What next follows will be a series of 16 Questions that access your product development strategy across four different domains
  1. Customer Empaty
  2. Engagement Design
  3. Lean Engineering
  4. Business Empowement

Your Customer Empathy Index Score

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Your Customer Engagement Index Score

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Your Customer Engineering Index Score

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Your Customer Empowerment Index Score

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Based on your selections, we believe that you need to adopt the below practices on priority to understand your customer more.